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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods - A collection  of entertaining short stories.
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And other Short Stories

An enjoyable collection of ... short stories that will make you smile, wonder about human nature and stifle a giggle. From the absurd to the thought provoking, the past to the present, this eclectic anthology of original tales takes an irreverent look at life, pokes a stick at officialdom and explores the daft side of our existence. Such as:


Tom Wellies takes a Bath - A gentle story involving a length of string, a pair of Wellington boots and boundless optimism.

A Walk in the Woods - It starts in the present but becomes a mystical journey into the past.

I Blame Spud - A tale with a twist of a night out, a train ride and unexpected consequences.

The Boy in the Picture - The narrative of a growing child with an ancient aunt and a photograph above the fireplace.


But there's more:


The Man Who Never Was - The saga of an imaginary character made so famous that his obituary made the news.

The Mart - Carwyn and Jean go shopping but do they buy Thomas the Turkey or will they escape the brutish bird.

Scrumpy - An adventure that begins with a wheelbarrow full of apples. What could possibly go wrong?

The Reckoning - A diary, a year goes past before an annual accounting; Victorian life laid bare.

A Quiet Time in Carmarthenshire - He booked the holiday cottage; to escape and relax, away from his manic life. It was the picture of the dog lounging in the road that clinched it.


These are just a few of the stories told in this compendium of tales.

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