Ernest Neap shuffled forward in the queue. He didn't feel conspicuous in his raincoat and white roll necked shirt. In fact, he'd dressed like that to blend in; to merge into the crowd.
Shouts of, 'Tickets please?' galvanised the people ahead of him into action; reachin...

In 1760, the Prime Minister, William Pitt, stated. ‘The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the Crown. It may be frail, its roof may shake the wind may blow through it. The rain may enter. The storms may enter. But the king of England may no...

    "Did you remember to bring it?" asks Sarah. I check again to make sure it's still there. The silver brooch in my pocket feels warm in my hand. A light drizzle is falling as we wait on the platform. Water drips from a broken gutter on the front of the passenger shel...

Once a grand three storey building, Orielton Banqueting Tower, now stands alone and neglected in the south western corner of Wales. The tower’s gaily decorated rooms, bright fireplaces and fancy ceiling were abandoned more than a hundred years ago. Since then, nature h...

It was 1975 and my first visit to Soho Foundry, Birmingham, Head Office of W & T Avery Limited weighing machine manufacturers. Soho Foundry, built in 1796 during the industrial revolution by Matthew Boulton and James Watt, has been called the cradle of the industrial r...

These signs have mark’d me extraordinary;
And all the courses of my life do show
I am not in the roll of common men.

King Henry IV - William Shakespeare

The start of the 15th Century saw an uprising against the English that resulted in the first and only Welsh-speaking p...

"... you the last I write of but the first and greatest in evil, more than many in ability but also in malice, more generous in giving but also more liberal in sin, strong in war but stronger to destroy your soul ...".

De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae

On the Ruin and c...

Beneath a rocky outcrop, topped by Carreg Cennen Castle, there is a cave that reaches deep into the bowels of the earth. Within this cold damp dungeon lies a band of men dressed in ancient armour. Each man has his sword and shield close at hand, ready for the call to a...

A short story from my forthcoming collection 'Tall Tales From Wales'

Thomas Jones was a farmer and, like other farmers in the valley, he wore wellington boots. In fact, wellies were the only footwear he possessed. As a baby he was given beautiful bootie wellies. He lear...

A painting of Philip Meakins Hardwick, in Monmouthshire Museum, portrays him as a portly gentleman who clearly enjoyed his food. During the Georgian period,

Hanoverian Royalty made over indulging fashionable. Having a large body was considered stylish and an indication...

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