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Amazon book reviewers can be unkind.

Bad Review on Amazon?​

Here's one answer

I recently had a review where the reviewer commented on typos and a factual error in a legend (sic). I decided to add a comment to his review as follows. "Being an Indi Author it's difficult to get constructive feedback and reviews like this from Olle Jones are pure gold. I checked on Kentchurch and Olle Jones is right, it is in Herefordshire so I've corrected and republished the book today. Despite the geographical slip and there is no evidence to confirm where he retreated to, the story of Owain Glyndwr is a great lesson in patriotism and loyalty, of which the Welsh are very proud. Typos are the bane of every writer. It's impossible to edit your own work and despite the manuscript being through four different checks and iterations, by different proof readers, it is possible there are still some in the text. If you find them please tell me. For every reader that publishes a review of 'Welsh Legends and Myths' and identifies a typo I will give £1 to Cancer Research. It's a good charity and I will be pleased to send the money."

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