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Supernatural Stories

Supernatural Stories - Tales of horror and the paranormal.

Tales of Horror and the Paranormal.

Supernatural Stories is a collection of thirty one short stories, most of which have been published elsewhere by the author. In them, a cast of demons, goblins, evil spirits, murderers and other frighteners, chill and entertain. The Devil Dogs of Marchwiel, hounds that hunt on dark nights, the Angelystor who announces your death and the Witches Pool will make your skin crawl. Visit the Land of the Dead where King Nudd would collect the souls of the departed. His was a cold, barren kingdom filled with foul swamps, evil vipers and devils. Learn how a devil with an evil yellow eye killed Maelgwn and what terrible fate befell the bride who vanished for thirty years.


Discover how Sir Harry took his revenge, only at the end will you hear the screams of horror. The Beast of Llyn Barfog, a creature half crocodile, half beaver with teeth like razors and a scaly hide like armour. The monster spent its days hidden deep in the weeds and slime. At night it emerged to hunt and fill its belly stalking the land, devouring animals and anyone foolish enough to be out when the sky was black. “I believe you are a card player,” said the stranger to Robert Lloyd Harri. It was an invitation he couldn't refuse. “Have you anything to say before sentence is carried out?” said the hangman as John Davies stood on the gallows, with the rope about his neck. These are just a few of the scary stories lurking within these pages.

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