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The Unexploded Man

The Unexploded Man, A political warfare thriller.


Daily Telegraph : A chilling story of the cold war.

Daily Record :  Good suspense stuff.

Daily Mail : A dazzling piece of narrative writing.

Liverpool Daily Post : A highly readable political thriller that is streets ahead of its competition by having that essential ingredient – style.

Manchester Evening News : Grimly topical … Watkins writes tightly and tautly and his background has an all too authentic ring to it.

Weekender (USA): The basic plot and the action scenes could be turned into a fine dramatic film, in the hands of the right producer.

Publishers Weekly : Masterminding by the author keeps the pay-off a surprise right up to the end.

Mineapolis Tribune : An imaginative fast-moving suspense tale that never loses its grip on the reader.

Southern Evening Echo : Powerful writing here.

The Russian Bear is stirring. After years of economic sanctions, isolation and rejection by the West, Russia is on the offensive. The Crimea is annexed and the West does nothing. Russian militias have occupied Eastern Ukraine while NATO, paralysed and impotent, looks on.


Supported by Russia, a brutal proxy war continues in Syria driving millions of refugees towards Western Europe, destabilising country after country. The very fabric of the European Union faces collapse as soldiers string barbed wire across the continent. In Britain, the political classes are under attack. Dissidents who dare to speak out are murdered. Helped by unseen forces, unilateral disarmers are gaining power in Westminster. This is a different kind of war . . . a new cold war . . . where there is no front line, no rules of engagement and more treachery than ever imagined.


"If elected I will never, under any circumstances, use a nuclear weapon," promises the leader of the British Opposition and the people love him for it.


One  person, journalist David Barnett, is a pawn, an unwilling victim of Russia's evil plan to win the peace . . . the key to what is going on. Barnett is The Unexploded Man.

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