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This Mysterious Realm Called Sleep 


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How did a beautiful little blonde girl called Reeva Rebecca
Steenkamp predict her own violent murder when she was
a teenager? Reeva made headlines right around the world
after Valentine's Day, 2013, when she was savagely killed
by her lover - double-amputee Paralympic champion and
Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius.

There's the famous musician whose dream gave him one of
the most successful songs of this century - one enthusiastically
covered by a host of stars including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Liberace.


Equally intriguing is the case-history of the daughter of pauperised former slaves in Louisiana who, thanks to information given in a dream, became one of the world's
richest women - and an immensely generous philanthropist.

And then there's sexomnia, when primal urges in the brain take
control, like the case of Toronto landscaper Jan Luedecke
accused of raping a young woman. He had sex with the woman and yet Ontario Court Judge Russell Otter ruled that the attack had been involuntary and acquitted Luedecke. He walked from the court a free man. Why? Because the judge ruled Luedecke had been asleep when he raped the girl.

Leslie Watkins' unabridged collection of  his three volumes
exploring sleep, is a mystery is packed with surprises. Most
people are unaware that every night vast numbers of
sleepwalkers display totally unexpected behaviour.
They move around in their hundreds, in their thousands, and
they're spread through every town and city in the world.

These are just some of the incredible cases explored in
This Mysterious Realm Called Sleep.


The complete trilogy is also available in paperback and as one eBook.

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