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If you enjoy a good tale, get pleasure from reading Welsh legends and exploring beautiful countryside, smelling the flowers as you go, these books are for you. I have retold eighty Welsh legends and linked each legends to the place it sprang from. There are five volume, covering different parts of Wales, each containing sixteen legends and stunning strolls. Happy walking.

Walking with Welsh legends south-Western Wales

South-western Wales - Part of the 'Welsh Legends and Myths' series.


Love stories, tales of heroic deeds, foolishness, greed, a few fables and touches of humour. The cast includes fair maidens, evil barons, mermaids, smugglers, kings, and ordinary folk quietly going about their business.


The walks take us on a tour exploring the location of the story. They differ in length and difficulty, but the instructions are clear and easy to understand.



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Central Wales - 'Part of the 'Welsh Legends and Myths' series.

The Five Saints and the Red Bandits of Mawddwy are just some of the characters you will meet in these pages. Learn where the Red Dragon of Wales lives today,  how the drovers travelled the land and created their own banking system and how King Arthur destroyed the evil monster they called the Afanc. Discover the Lost Land of Wales, the Salt Smugglers of Mawddach and the secret of the Robber’s Grave.




Walking with Welsh legends central- Wales
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Walking with Welsh legends northern-Wales

Northern Wales - Part of the 'Welsh Legends and Myths' series.


Climb Mount Snowdon and look down on the Pass of Arrows where King Arthur fell, mortally wounded, in his last battle. Explore the magical island of Llanddwyn where Princess Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, made her home. Visit Gelert’s grave and learn how the faithful hound died at his master’s hand.


These are just three examples of the stories and walks told here.



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Walking with Welsh legends south-Eastern Wales

South-eastern Wales - Part of the 'Welsh Legends and Myths' series.

Discover the tragic love story of the Maid of Sker and her selfish father. Learn about the Blue Knight of Gwent who married Gwladus the Dark and built a great castle at Raglan. Explore the legend of reluctant King Tewdrig who tried to save his kingdom.


Read the story of William de Braose, the Ogre of Abergavenny. Learn the fate of the Pirate Dolphyn when Sir Harry took his revenge, how Jack o’ Kent tricked the Devil and how Daffyd Gam got his name.

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Walking with Welsh legends North-eastern Wales

North-eastern Wales - Part of the Welsh Legends and Myths series.

This time I tell of a well, a pool and a lighthouse; devil dogs, angels and fairies; a princess, a bishop, and a mad king. 


The walks take you around Holywell, Rhuddlan and St Asaph, to the Goblin Tower, St Cwyfan's Cross, and to an inn with very strange people in it!


As I completed each walk, I found that I had a different perspective on, and a better insight into, the related legend. The walks and the legends reinforce each other and add to the enjoyment.

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