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Welsh Legends and Myths

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80 myths and legends from across Wales

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80 myths and legends from across Wales.


A collection of eighty Welsh Legends and Myths, gathered from across Wales. Previously published in five volumes as ‘Legends and Myths from Wales’. The Welsh, like other Celtic races, love a good story. From the time of the Mabinogion and the Black Book of Carmarthen welsh folk have passed dark winter nights in front of roaring fires and entertained with mythical stories. Welsh Legends and Myths is a compendium of traditional myths, Welsh fables, Welsh fairy tales and real stories.

Some, like the legend of the lady of the lake and the dragon myths, are centuries old. Others, such as the story of Gelert, are more recent inventions. The story of Gelert is retold to Welsh school children who are unaware that it's a advertising ploy. The story of Gelert was a tale created by the manager of the newly opened Beddgelert Hotel in 1803. He enlisted the help of locals to build the grave and started spreading the legend to encourage people to visit Beddgelert and stay at his hotel. His great wheeze should have been named the story of Beddgelert.


Wales with its rugged mountains, beautiful waterfalls, mysterious lakes and magical castles is a land of mystery, folklore and legend. Learn how the beautiful Nest, Temptress of Cilgerran, tricked her husband, the truth of the French invasion, why there is a Prince sleeping in caves deep beneath Carreg Cennen Castle, the secret of Culver Hole and why Twm Shon Cati, another real person, is known as the Welsh Robin Hood. Discover the legend of Dafydd Gam and how he got his name, why the Men of Harlech were so valiant and the reason King Tewdrig returned to save his kingdom. Learn the incredible story of Merthyr and its Iron Masters, an 18th Century tale of greed, ambition and wealth. From an earlier time, Tylwyth Teg (The Fairies) of Pentrefoelas is one of the oldest Welsh fairy tales, a Welsh fable of love and desertion. These are just a few of the Welsh legends told in these pages.

Many of the myths and legends are based on factual events. Some have mythical roots, but all are entertaining.

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