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Welsh Legends and Myths

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Welsh Legends and Myths

Eighty legends and myths from across Wales.

In the 19th Century, the Reverend Elias Owen was a school inspector travelling across Wales. After each school visit, he would ask to be taken to meet the oldest person in the village, often setting out with a small lantern to some remote cottage, late at night in foul weather. His purpose was to collect the ancient stories that had been passed down by word of mouth and write them down before they were forgotten. He presented his essays in 1887, at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in London where they won a silver medal and a £20 prize. Elias Owen continued writing and, in 1896, published a book titled ‘Welsh Folk-Lore - A Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales.’

Thanks to Elias Owen and others like him many of the old Welsh stories that have amused and entertained for centuries have been saved. Without enthusiasts and antiquarians such as Owen part of Welsh culture would have been lost. There is a rich seam of myths and legends to mine in Wales. Nearly every village has a tale to tell. Castles, mountains, enchanted lakes, mysterious rivers and golden beaches all have their mysteries and stories to reveal. They are timeless and people continue to enjoy them.

"Extremely well researched and written, Graham Watkins brings these wonderful welsh legends to life in this enjoyable book. Ideal as a companion for great welsh holidays,as a gift for anyone interested in Wales or folk history and for everyone who enjoys a good read! Keep them coming Graham!"

Angela Keegan

"I really liked this book, arrived within 60 seconds on my kindle. Good stories. I have recommended it to family."

Carole Watts

"I bought this for my husband as he likes anything relating to Wales. It kept him amused whilst on holiday so it scores well!"

Sue Hall

"Really good read, it brings a lot of characters from Wales's past into the public domain were they really legends?"

Mr. W.N. Perry

"This is a super book with lots of interesting facts, information and myths. a must for anyone who has an interest in Welsh legends, of which there are many."


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